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5 Easy and Effective Arm Workouts for...

5 Easy and Effective Arm Workouts for Men
With time being of the essence these days, workouts need to be efficient and effective. Most exercise programs geared towards men, like P90X, that were launched by offering 60-minute routines have now created shorter workout routines — such as the P90X3. This is to accommodate the busy lifestyle of professional men who not only juggle their [...]

Why Does My Baby Gag While Eating?

You know the feeling when you’ve eaten something and it doesn’t feel right as it travels downward? The body will trigger your gag reflex intuitively. If you think about it, the gag reflex could prevent you from choking, so it’s a good thing. Most adults have the ability to vocalise this. But for young kids — especially babies — it’s a lot h [...]

Burn Fat Fast: The Best Tabata Workou...

Tabata training has become extremely popular over the last three years. Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). By performing exercises at a higher intensity level, you not only burn more calories during the workout, but also 24 to 48 hours after the workout. In addition, you’ll increase muscle mass if strength training [...]

How to Do Squats the Right Way

You may not have realized, but your everyday life of household to-dos probably involves a lot of squatting. If you drop something, you’ll probably squat to pick it up. If you’re sitting on the toilet, you’re squatting downwards and then back up. If you’re cleaning the floor, you’re in some kind of squat position. Plenty of people have ref [...]

Healthy Snacks

  Everyone is always asking what to eat before a workout. The key is that if you’re not performing a workout greater than 45 minutes (i.e. race training) then you don’t need a huge snack beforehand. In fact, most people tend to overeat prior to a workout and many times don’t burn the calories they assume so thus leading to an ineffectiv [...]

Is It Safe to Eat Sushi While Breastf...

Is it safe to eat sushi while breast feeding For pregnant sushi lovers, it’s tough to let go. But expecting ladies should try to follow the American Pregnancy Association’s guidelines and avoid raw fish rolls for the next nine months. Fish like tuna and yellowtail can be high in mercury or contain high levels of industrial pollutants. Cross-c [...]

How to Get Creative in the Kitchen: Q...

How to Get Creative in the Kitchen: Quick Tips
Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you watch the TODAY show food segments or any cooking show for that matter on how to make easy, quick meals or how to put together healthy snacks or how to make healthy swaps? Well, you’re not alone. I am a dietitian and sometimes when I see delicious, mouth watering recipes, I get bummed instead of e [...]

A New Look at Juicing

According to IBIS World, the juicing/smoothie industry had market size of 2 billion with an average of 2.9 percent growth over the last five years. At present there are at least 8 key “raw juice” brands active in the marketplace — Suja, Blueprint and LUMI Organics to name a few — and it doesn’t look like there wi [...]

Bride Diet: How to Look Your Best on ...

The big day is just around the corner. You’ve got enough anxiety without having to worry about how you’re going to look, if the dress will fit as planned, and if your skin will shine. It’s important that getting fit for your big day is not just about a crash diet, but rather small changes that will last. That way, after your wedding, the poun [...]

The Best Glute Exercises: Moves to Ge...

It’s amazing that the glutes comprise our body’s largest muscle group. Whether you’re a runner, a strength trainer, a yogi, or a cross-trainer, the glutes move and control your hips pretty much in every way. So it is important to keep them healthy and moving. With most people experiencing increasingly longer hours sitting at their desks, the [...]

Finding the Right Protein Powder

Amongst health fanatics, protein is always the nutrient of interest. Eating healthy requires effort and maintaining an adequate protein-to-carbohydrate ratio is one way to achieve a proper diet. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to take the time to put together the right foods to achieve the recommended daily allowance of protein. ThatR [...]

Essentials for Urban Moms : Part Two

Essentials for Urban Moms : Part Two
Almost a year ago, I wrote a post via the blog on essentials for urban moms. As I was becoming a new mom myself, I found that while living in an urban space like NYC, there were many factors involved. We need convenient, space-saving, easy to use and adaptable options. Many of my suggestions were for newborns. With my son well into infancy, I [...]

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