Prenatal Nutrition and Fitness Consulting
Anita offers individualized nutrition and fitness programming to help you navigate through your pregnancy. She has worked with several clients and helped them achieve their pregnancy and labor + delivery goals.   She is able to create a sustainable workout plan by keeping in mind the physiological changes throughout pregnancy. In addition, she is also available to provide an array of nutritious snacks upon request which she makes with the simplest, most wholesome ingredients.
Worksite Wellness
With over 8 years of fitness and nutrition experience, Anita will help lead your company to feeling healthier through simple fitness and nutrition techniques and know-hows. Anita has taught fitness classes in a variety of environments and is able to cater to a variety of populations. Her nutrition experience is also extensive and customizable based on audience.
Hire Anita for:
  • Choreographed fitness workouts
  • Food and nutrition Q & A sessions
  • Special projects and health advocacy
  • Strategic planning and program development
  • Workshops or seminars on a variety of topics
  • Recipe Overview and Cooking Demonstrations
Speaking and Media
As of June 2014, Anita will be representing the New York State Dietetic Association as the NY Metro media spokesperson. This is a result of her ability to speak poignantly and to translate nutrition science into easy-to-digest content. In addition, Anita maintains excellent relationships with media representatives in the fitness and nutrition industry, and as a result, is able to promptly respond to requests with credible and understandable responses. Anita’s work and life experience have contributed to her effective and efficient communication. She is available for keynote addresses, 30 to 45 minute “lunch and learn” sessions, half- and full-day workshops and will appropriately customize her presentation based on content desired.
Nutrition Consulting
Anita specializes in prenatal nutrition, children’s nutrition/family nutrition, weight loss, sports nutrition, weight management, cardiovascular nutrition (heart health), diabetes, and general wellness.
Nutrition Focused Workshops
Topics include:
  • Prenatal Wellness: Nutrition and Fitness Programming
  • Pureed Baby Food Recipe Development
  • Pureed to Solid Food Transitions
  • Nutrition Tips for Kids
  • Family-friendly recipes