We're entering a really innovative time in digital health. Telehealth is reshaping the way health care providers are able to connect with their clients. Nutrition has always been a struggle for patients or clients due to lack of access but not anymore! I am excited to be able to connect with YOU through my telehealth platform.
Interested in working together? Here is a breakdown of our services for individual clients.

Meet & Greet Call, Phone 15 Minutes

Curious about working with a dietitian? Schedule a 15-minute introductory call to address any questions or concerns about your goals.

Initial Consultation, Online / Video 50 Minutes

Book an initial session to being your nutrition journey with Anita. We will cover your health history, recent bloodwork analysis, current diet routine, and goals. My goal is to understand your past history and what led you to reach out to me in order to better outline an individualized, sustainable approach for you.

Follow-Up, Online / Video / Phone 30 Minutes

After the initial session, the follow-up session(s) will cover progress from the initial. We will review what worked and what did not work and continue to fine tune recommendations that support your goals.
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Tapping into your insurance wellness benefits is a great way to get started on your nutrition journey. At the moment, Anita accepts Aetna, Cigna and BCBS insurance plans. If you're interested, please reach out to connect. However, if you do not have a participating insurance provider, Anita offers very competitive self-pay package pricing and will ensure the best options to work together.